Common Eel
Fact File:

Common Name(s):

Common Eel, Silver Eel

Scientific Name:
Anguilla anguilla

Usual Size:
up to 1350cms

UK Record Weights from rod/line:


MAFF Minimum Size: Shore: Boat:


Little is known about their breeding habits except that they breed in the Sargasso Sea.

Bottom dwelling fish that can be found in most freshwater habitats and in estuaries.

Carnivorous fish which will eat most things, dead or alive.

common throughout Britain and Western Europe.

Additional Notes:
Similar to the Conger Eel but they can be told apart by two methods; Congers have under slung mouths, and a dorsal fin which starts just behind the head and in front of the pectoral fins, whereas Common Eels have protruding lower jaws and a dorsal fin that starts well behind the pectoral fins.
Long, cylindrical body with the dorsal, caudal and anal fins forming a continuous ribbon from the back to the anus. Pelvic fins are absent. The back is coloured grey to brown with the lower regions yellow in maturing freshwater fish. Adult fish returning to the sea to breed take on a silver/white colouration and are known as silver eels.

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