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This is a diary of fishing trips around the UK as and when they occur, by myself (Phil Whiting .... yes I know a very apt name for the topic!!!) my wife Karen, and other fishing friends (Tony Swain, Chris Ball, Nick Cable, Nigel Evans, , Paul Davies, Steve Burling, amongst others...).

It is my hope that this maybe of some interest to others wishing to fish these venues. I suspect that most will be from the following areas:
Kent (Folkestone / Dover / Dungeness),
Bristol Channel (Aust to Lynmouth),
West Dorset (Chesil), and
Suffolk (Aldeburgh / Orford Island).

Bit about 'Phil the Fish'......

I've been sea fishing for the past 35 years on and off, and whilst not being a legendary match fisherman , nor indeed a specimen record holder, I'd like to think that I represent that ordanary breed of sea angler, who probably like yourself, simply enjoys catching fish.....


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Last up-dated: Dec. 2010

We have moved ISP's ........
after over 12 years we are being forced to move,
due to UKOnline closing down (as of 20th Dec 2010)

I'm fully aware that site needs updating, and not helped by the fact that over recent years
my fishing time has been greatly reduced and then only really fishing for Mullet
I'll see what we can do over 2011.....



If you need to contact me, feel free to e-mail or call the mobile.....


Next Trip / News:

South Coast and Jersey


How to Use The Diary:

Choose a location and read the entry for any given date since the 22nd of Aug 97, when I first started this project.

Each entry of the Diary is now an individual page,
and should speed things up....

Locations So Far:

Aldeburgh Diary Index

Allhallows Diary Index

Beaulieu River Diary Index

Chatham Diary Index

Chesil / Weymouth Diary Index

Clevedon Diary Index

Deal Diary Index

Dover Diary Index

Dungeness Diary Index

Folkestone Diary Index

Littlehampton Diary Index

Sandgate / Hythe Diary Index

Samphire Hoe Diary Index

Shoreham Diary Index


Jersey Diary


Simon's Bristol Channel Reports

South Wales Sea Reports by Dean Willis

It is with great regret that Dean now feels unable to continue with this, due to a lack of support, from people helping to supply information / material required to make it work :-(

My thanks to Dean for his splendid work to date.

Know your Fish

I'm working on this at the Mo.,with other people contributing to the project ....
What I intend, is a mini guide to the most popular shore caught fish in the UK,
with Pics/Diagrams, and a summary of the more common tactics, baits etc etc, associated with each of these fish .......

Help Support the Preliminary Shark Tagging Programme for Tope

Charter Boats of the UK

Directory of Tackle Shops,
Suppliers, & Services in the UK

See The Diary Fishing Crew  or some of them anyway.....

Video Review for sea-fishing videos

Rigs and Knot Guide  
I've started to revamp this section.... tell me what you think....

Bait Arena

Peeler Crab Prep..

Phil's Thoughts Page....... some practical, others just fanciful............

Seafishing Buddy Page

Looking for someone to fish with in your area or join your club .........

e-mail me if you wish to be added to the page.....

Questions: Let me know at aquarium@uk-fishing.com and I'll see what I can do!!!!  

Address for the Sea Fishing Mailing list... this is a good way of listening to what others have to say about certain topic areas, and to ask questions as well... please try to remember that it's for the UK....  
To join, go to the following http://www.cranstar.co.uk/test7.htm

I may also be contacted through ICQ: My number is 4693070


Things in Progress/Under Construction

Jeff and Tony's Casting Page
Tips, hints, Casting Comp.and Club details, along with your questions asked.......

I'm still waiting for material from Jeff and Tony on this, although they have now made a start ...

Venues for Disabled Sea Anglers :

Inconjunction with Fred Lawson and Jaybee of North East Sea Angling, we are hoping to construct a database of venues suitable for Disabled Sea Anglers.

In order to do so, I have added a simple entry system for you to enter information about appropriate locations, which will then be used by Fred on his own specialist site:

Read Entries    or    Add a Venue

Other things I hope to add to this site in the near future:

More Colour, add some Pics, More Trips, Index /links for places/dates, maps, more background, diagrams of rigs etc...
suggestions welcome...oh , and the fishing reports as well .. aquarium@uk-fishing.com

Photo-guide to the Folkestone Warren

Warning: over 70 thumbnail Pics


Your Reports / GuestBook :

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